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Truck Restrictions
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Truck Restrictions—Statewide
Map of Statewide Between County Road 169 and Main Street (near Foxhome). Roadway reduced to one lane. Mobile maintenance operations. Look out for flaggers. Short delays. Starting today at 9:00AM CDT until today at about 4:00PM CDT. Between West 8th Avenue and County Road 7 (Grand Marais). A lane is closed. Road construction work is in progress. Follow the local detour. Short delays are possible. Until September 20, 2021 at about 2:00PM CDT. Between 500th Street and 65th Street NW (near Oronoco). The roadway is reduced to one lane. Look out for construction work. Look out for flaggers. Expect delays. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 11'0". Until today at about 8:30PM CDT.
US 52 southbound: Roadway reduced to one lane, construction work, look out for flagger, delay, width limit in effect. Width limit 11'0".
US 169 in both directions: Gross weight limit in effect. No vehicles over 80,000.00 lbs.
MN 60 in both directions: Permitted oversize loads are prohibited, roadway reduced to two lane, because of bridge maintenance work, narrow lane, width limit in effect. Width limit 11'0".
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