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Truck Restrictions
US 169 Whole Road 4 reports
Iowa to Belle Plaine No reports
Belle Plaine to Elk River 1 report
Elk River to Onamia No reports
Onamia to Grand Rapids 2 reports
Grand Rapids to Virginia 1 report
Truck Restrictions on US 169
Map of Reports on US 169 Between West 150th Street and MN 41; Chestnut Boulevard (near Carver). Look out for construction work. Bridge construction work is in progress. There are alternating lane closures. Until October 31, 2019 at about 3:00PM CDT. Between MN 41; Chestnut Boulevard (near Carver) and Old Brick Yard Road (near Chaska). The roadway is reduced to one lane. Road construction work is in progress. From 9:00AM CDT to 8:00PM CDT on weekdays. Until tomorrow at about 8:00PM CDT. Between Timber Trail Road and Earle Brown Drive (2 to 3 miles south of the Garrison area). Be aware of narrow lanes. Bridge maintenance work is in progress. Look out for flaggers. There is a width limit in effect. Speed restrictions are in force. Width limit 9'0". Until October 18, 2019 at about 12:00PM CDT.
US 169 in both directions: Construction work, bridge construction, alternating lane closure.
US 169 in both directions: Gross weight limit in effect. No vehicles over 80,000.00 lbs.
US 169 in both directions: Narrow lane, bridge maintenance operation, look out for flagger, width limit in effect, speed restrictions in force. Width limit 9'0".
US 169: Roundabout, width limit in effect, length limit in effect. Width limit 14'6". Vehicle length limit 100.00 ft.
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