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Truck Restrictions on I-35
Between Exit 169: Hillside Avenue (Pine City) and Exit 180: MN 23 (near Hinckley). The roadway is reduced to one lane. There is a width limit in effect. Bridge inspection work is in progress. Width limit 12'0". Until Thursday, at about 3:00PM CDT.

Web Comment: Daytime restrictions to OS/OW traffic.
Last updated on August 6
Between 21st Avenue West and Exit 254: 27th Avenue West (Duluth). There is a width limit in effect. There is a length limit in effect. Width limit 12'6". Vehicle length limit 110.00 ft.

Web Comment: SB I- 35 to NB TH 53 ramp is restricted to 12'6" wide and 110' long.
Last updated on June 21