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MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
Electronic Signs—South Central MN
I-394 EB E of Ridgedale Dr
I-394 EB @ Louisiana Ave
U.S.14 WB (Mankato)
T.H.62 WB E of Portland Ave
T.H.62 WB @ Xerxes Ave
I-35W SB S of 86th St
I-35W SB S of Old Shakopee Rd
I-694 NB @ 15th St N
I-35W SB @ 94th St
I-694 WB W of T.H.61
I-35W SB @ 94th St
I-94 EB @ Co Rd 19
I-94 EB @ Victoria St
I-35W SB S of 50th St
I-35W SB @ 73rd St
T.H.60 WB @ 200th St
I-94 EB @ 25th Ave
I-94 EB W of Brooklyn Blvd
I-94 EB @ Lowry Ave
T.H.36 EB @ Victoria St
I-94 EB E of Brockton Ln
I-35W NB @ Nicollet Ave
I-35W NB S of 66th St
I-35W NB S of 50th St
T.H.36 EB @ Edgerton St
T.H.100 NB @ 77th St
T.H.100 NB N of Minnetonka Blvd
T.H.100 NB @ Cedar Lake Rd
T.H.100 NB S of Duluth St
I-35W NB N of 106th St
I-35W NB @ 94th St
I-35W NB N of 90th St
I-394 WB @ Penn Ave
T.H.77 NB S of I-35E
T.H.77 NB (N of Minnesota River)
I-35W NB @ Timberland Dr
I-35W NB @ Cliff Rd
I-35W NB @ Burnsville Pkwy
I-94 WB @ Xerxes Ave
T.H.36 EB W of Stillwater Blvd
T.H.610 EB E of Hemlock Ln
I-94 WB @ Dale St
I-94 WB @ Huron Blvd
I-94 WB W of 25th Ave
I-94 WB @ Co Rd 19
I-94 EB @ Brockton Ln
I-94 WB @ Greenway Ave
I-94 WB E of Earl St
I-494 EB N of Lake Rd
I-494 EB @ Dodd Rd
T.H.52 NB @ 70th St
U.S.12 EB E of Bushaway Rd
I-694 EB @ McKnight Rd
T.H.52 NB @ U.S.14
I-90 EB
I-90 WB (Worthington)
T.H.52 NB @ 165th Ave
I-494 SB N of Baker Rd
T.H.52 NB @ 180th St
T.H.36 WB @ Edgerton St
I-90 EB W of U.S.71
T.H.36 WB @ Victoria St
I-494 EB @ Xerxes Ave
I-35W NB @ Burnsville Pkwy
I-494 EB @ W Bush Lake Rd
T.H.65 SB S of 81st Ave NE
T.H.65 SB N of 99th Ave
I-694 WB @ Victoria St
I-694 WB @ Matterhorn Dr
I-94 WB @ Carmichael Rd
T.H.52 NB @ C.S.A.H.1
T.H.77 SB N of T.H.13
I-694 EB @ Matterhorn Dr
I-90 WB @ U.S.71
T.H.61 NB S of 70th St
I-494 SB S of 49th Ave
I-494 SB @ Carlson Pkwy
I-90 EB @ Diagonal Rd
I-394 Rev EB @ Wayzata Blvd
I-394 Rev EB @ Wayzata Blvd
T.H.77 SB @ 66th St
I-90 WB
T.H.52 SB @ 490th St
T.H.10 WB E of Co Rd J
T.H.10 WB W of Egret Blvd
T.H.280 NB N of Energy Park Dr
T.H.52 SB @ 65th St NW
T.H.52 SB @ 6th St NW
I-90 WB
U.S.169 SB @ 49th Ave
U.S.169 SB N of Cedar Lake Rd
U.S.169 SB @ Bren Rd
U.S.169 SB @ 77th Ave
I-35W SB S of 66th St
T.H.52 SB @ Wentworth Ave
T.H.100 SB N of T.H.55
T.H.100 SB @ Glenwood Ave
T.H.100 SB @ 50th St
T.H.10 EB W of Egret Blvd
I-494 WB @ T.H.5
I-494 WB E of W Bush Lake Rd
I-494 NB N of Baker Rd
I-694 SB @ 15th St N
I-35E NB @ Little Canada Rd
I-35E NB @ Maryland Ave
I-35 NB (MP 64.8)
I-35E NB N of W. 7th St
I-35E NB S of T.H.77
I-35E NB S of Lone Oak Rd
T.H.169 SB (Mankato)
I-494 WB N of Lake Rd
I-35E SB S of Co Rd E
I-35E SB N of W. 7th St
I-35W NB @ McAndrews Rd
I-35W NB @ Co Rd 42
I-35W NB @ Hennepin Ave
I-35W NB S of 86th St
T.H.61 SB @ Lower Afton Rd
T.H.61 SB S of 80th St
I-35 NB S of Crystal Lake Rd
T.H.610 WB @ Revere Ln
T.H.280 SB N of Energy Park Dr
I-35 NB @ Co Rd 9
T.H.212 EB @ Lyman Blvd
T.H.212 EB @ Dell Rd
I-494 NB @ Co Rd 6
T.H.212 EB W of Prairie Center Dr
T.H.212 EB @ Bavaria Rd
U.S.169 NB @ 36th St
U.S.169 NB N of Anderson Lakes Pkwy
I-35 NB (MP 37.5)
U.S.169 NB @ Medicine Lake Rd
U.S.14 EB (Mankato)
T.H.169 NB S of U.S.14
T.H.60 EB
U.S.14 EB @ C.S.A.H.22
I-35 SB (MP 14.75)
I-35 SB (MP 35.79)
T.H.62 WB @ Lexington Ave
T.H.62 EB E of Gleason Rd
T.H.62 EB @ Penn Ave
I-35E SB @ Deerwood Dr
I-35 SB (MP 62.24)
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