MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
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Electronic Signs—Statewide
I-94 EB W of Co Rd 21 (94-36.86)
I-94 WB E of Co Rd 1 (MP 56.379)
I-394 EB E of Dunwoody Blvd
I-394 Rev EB E of Dunwoody Blvd
I-94 EB W of T.H.9 (94-21.21)
I-394 EB @ 6th St
I-94 EB E of 5th St
I-94 EB W of T.H.336 (94-5.48)
I-94 WB @ Co Rd 75
I-94 WB @ 50th Ave
I-94 WB E of T.H.34 (94-25.01)
I-35 SB @ 16th Ave E
I-35 SB @ Co Rd 22
I-94 EB W of Lake Latoka RA (94-93.04)
I-94 EB @ Grover Ave
I-35 SB @ Midway Rd (MP 247.3)
I-35W NB N of 60th St
T.H.100 NB @ Cedar Lake Rd
T.H.53 NB (N of Eveleth)
I-94 WB @ Huron Blvd
I-94 WB @ Co Rd 19
I-94 EB @ Brockton Ln
T.H.61 NB (Silver Cliff Tunnel)
U.S.2 EB
T.H.53 SB @ 12th Ave
I-94 WB @ Carmichael Rd
T.H.200 WB
T.H.10 WB E of T.H.336 (MP 7.309)
I-394 Rev EB @ Wayzata Blvd
I-394 Rev EB @ Wayzata Blvd
T.H.75 NB
I-35 NB @ Ugstad Rd (MP 248.1)
T.H.200 EB
T.H.100 SB @ Glenwood Ave
T.H.169 SB (Mitchell Bridge)
T.H.169 NB (Mitchell Bridge)
T.H.10 EB (Dilworth)
U.S.2 NB
I-35 NB @ Co Rd 9
I-35 NB @ 9th Ave W
I-35 NB @ Garfield Ave
I-94 WB E of U.S.75 (MP 0.996)
I-94 WB W of T.H.336
I-94 EB @ 8th St
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