MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
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Electronic Signs on I-35
I-35: 35E/35W split to Duluth
I-35 SB S of Co Rd 97
near Columbus
I-35 SB @ 16th Ave E
near Duluth
I-35 SB @ Co Rd 22
in Wyoming
I-35 SB @ Midway Rd (MP 247.3)
near Proctor
I-35 SB S of Co Rd 14
near Pine City
I-35 SB @ 14th Ave W
in Duluth
I-35 NB (MP 250 Thompson Hill)
in Proctor
I-35 NB @ Ugstad Rd (MP 248.1)
near Proctor
I-35 NB @ Co Rd 61 (MP 244.8)
1 mile south of the Proctor area
I-35 NB N of Co Rd 17
near North Branch
I-35 NB @ 9th Ave W
in Duluth
I-35 NB @ Garfield Ave
in Duluth