MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
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I-35: 35E/35W split to Duluth
I-35: Rush City Rush City
  2 miles north of Harris
I-35: Hinckley Hinckley
  near Hinckley
I-35: Askov Askov
  near Askov
I-35: Atkinson Bridge Atkinson Bridge
  2 miles south of the Carlton area
I-35: Thompson Hill Thompson Hill
  near Proctor
I-35: Garfield Avenue Garfield Avenue
  in Duluth
I-35: 35E/35W split to Duluth
Map of RWIS Items on I-35
I-35: Rush City
I-35: Hinckley
I-35: Askov
I-35: Atkinson Bridge
I-35: Thompson Hill
I-35: Garfield Avenue
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