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Weather Stations—Statewide
Map of Statewide Between Exit 195: Wright County Road 75 (near Albertville) and Exit 205: MN 241 (near Rogers). The roadway is reduced to one lane. Night time construction work is in progress. The road is being repaved. Look out for flaggers. Short delays are possible. From 7:00PM CST to 7:00AM CST on weekdays. Until December 1, 2019 at about 7:00AM CST. Between Exit 216: I-494 (Maple Grove) and Exit 205: MN 241 (near Rogers). The roadway is reduced to one lane because of night time construction work. From 7:00PM CST to 12:00PM CST daily. Until November 27, 2019 at about 12:00PM CST. Between 320th Street Northwest and MN 11; County Road 7 (6 to 22 miles north of the Oslo area). The road is closed to traffic. Bridge construction work is in progress. A detour is in operation. There is a width limit in effect. There is a length limit in effect. There is a weight limit in effect. Width limit 14'0". Vehicle length limit 100.00 ft. No vehicles over 20,000.00 lbs. Until June 1, 2020 at about 7:00PM CST. Between Exit 178: MN 24 (Clearwater) and Exit 193: MN 25 (Monticello). Night time construction work is in progress. Look out for flaggers. Expect delays. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Until November 29, 2019 at about 11:00PM CST. Between Loop Road and Gate 11 Road (4 miles east of the Two Harbors area). The roadway is reduced to one lane. There is a width limit in effect. Look out for temporary traffic lights. Observe the signals. Width limit 12'0". Until December 12, 2019 at about 5:00PM CST.
MN 7: New Germany
MN 78: Ottertail
I-90: Blue Earth
MN 11: Donaldson
US 14: Waseca
US 10: Rice
MN 65: Jacobson
MN 19: Winthrop
US 169: Milaca
MN 23: Hanley Falls
I-35: Thompson Hill
US 169: Mankato
I-535: Blatnik Bridge South Abutment
MN 19: Hendricks
MN 30: Dovray
I-35: Hinckley
US 14: Waseca
US 59: Mahnomen
US 212: Marietta
US 10: Lake Park
I-94: Dilworth
I-35: Twin Lakes
MN 29: Starbuck
MN 55: Regal
I-494: Maple Grove
I-90: Eyota
I-35W: Minnesota River
I-35: Hope
US 169: St. Peter
US 53: Cotton
MN 11: Badger
US 14: Byron
MN 89: Gatzke
US 59: Brooks
MN 1: Shooks
MN 28: Graceville
MN 11: International Falls
MN 171: St. Vincent
I-94: Red River Bridge
US 53: Midway
I-94: Clearwater
I-94: Rothsay
MN 11: Roosevelt
MN 60: Madelia
MN 61: Silver Cliff
I-535: Blatnik Bridge - Pier 20
I-90: Lakefield
US 75: Tenney
I-494: I-494 @ Minnetonka Blvd.
MN 7: Clara City
MN 61: Grand Portage
US 169: Mitchell Bridge
I-35: Rush City
US 61: Red Wing
MN 46: Squaw Lake
MN 65: McGrath
MN 61: Lafayette Tunnel
MN 64: Chamberlain
I-94: Sauk Centre
I-35E: Little Canada
MN 200: Halstad
I-35: Atkinson Bridge
MN 44: Hokah
MN 210: Jay Cooke
MN 25: Mayer
US 10: Verndale
US 169: Henderson
US 71: Jeffers
US 52: Cannon Falls
US 71: Margie
US 53: Anderson Road
US 63: Stewartville
I-90: Dexter
MN 23: Foley
MN 11: Birchdale
I-90: Ridgeway
US 71: Morton
MN 72: Waskish
US 61: Kellogg
US 14: Lake Benton
MN 6: Emily
MN 19: New Prague
I-35: Garfield Avenue
MN 1: Ely
US 2: East Grand Forks
US 53: Twig
I-35E: Cayuga
MN 1: Effie
I-94: Alexandria
US 52: Canton
MN 25: Lastrup
I-90: Beaver Creek
US 2: Cass Lake
US 53: Ash Lake
I-35: Little Chicago
I-90: Rushmore
MN 7: Silver Lake
I-35: Askov
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