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Road Reports—South Central MN
Map of South Central MN Between MN 292 (1 mile south of the Red Wing area) and US 63; Plum Street (near Red Wing). Bridge construction work is in progress. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 11'0". Until April 1, 2018 at about 7:00PM CDT. Between East Hayden Lake Road (Champlin) and Rice Street (Anoka). There are alternating lane closures. Expect delays. Road construction work is in progress. From 9:00AM CDT to 6:00PM CDT and from 6:00AM CDT to 2:00PM CDT on weekdays. Until March 30, 2018 at about 6:00PM CDT. Between Exit 238: Snelling Avenue and Exit 240: Dale Street (near Saint Paul). The left lane is closed. Night time construction work is in progress. Work on underground services is in progress. From 7:00PM CDT to 7:00AM CDT on weekdays. Until March 31, 2018 at about 7:00AM CDT. Between West George Street and West Goodrich Avenue (near Saint Paul). The bridge is closed. Bridge construction work is in progress. Until December 27, 2018 at about 5:00PM CDT. Between Exit 32: Steele County Road 4 (2 miles north of the Ellendale area) and Exit 40: US 14 (near Owatonna). The roadway is reduced to one lane. There are alternating lane closures due to road construction work and due to bridge construction work. Short delays are possible. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Until April 16, 2018 at about 8:00AM CDT. Between Exit 13: 46th Street and Portland Avenue South (near Minneapolis). Major road construction work is in progress. Until October 22, 2021 at about 6:00PM CDT.
US 61 in both directions: Bridge construction, width limit in effect.
US 169 in both directions: Alternating lane closures, delays, road construction.
I-94 westbound: Traffic incident reported.
I-35 southbound: Crash.
I-94 eastbound: Left lane closed, night time construction work, work on underground services.
MN 149 in both directions: Bridge closed, bridge construction.
I-35 in both directions: Roadway reduced to one lane, alternating lane closures, due to road construction work, due to bridge construction work, short delays, width limit in effect.
I-35W in both directions: Major road construction.
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