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Reports on I-94: Brooklyn Center to Wisconsin
I-94: Brooklyn Center to Wisconsin
Between Exit 31: Hennepin County Road 81 (near Brooklyn Park) and Exit 215: Weaver Lake Road (Maple Grove). The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Road construction work is in progress. Width limit 11'0". Until Saturday, at about 9:00AM CDT.
Between MN 55; 5th Street and Groveland Avenue (Minneapolis). The roadway is reduced to one lane. Look out for construction work. Until tomorrow at about 10:00PM CDT.
Between Exit 236: MN 280 (near Lauderdale) and I-35W (Minneapolis). The road is closed. Night time construction work is in progress because of bridge maintenance work. From 10:00PM CDT to 5:00AM CDT daily. Until today at about 5:00AM CDT.
Between Western Avenue and Ramsey County Road 33 (Saint Paul). The roadway is reduced to two lanes because the road is being repaved. Until November 1, 2021 at about 6:00AM CDT.
At US 52 (Saint Paul). The exit ramp is closed. Bridge inspection work is in progress. Until today at about 2:00PM CDT.