MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
Plow Cameras—Statewide
Map of Statewide Between US 59 (Barrett) and MN 27 (Hoffman). The road is closed. Bridge construction work is in progress. A detour is in operation. Until May 31, 2020 at about 7:00PM CST. Between Exit 205: MN 241 (near Rogers) and Exit 195: Wright County Road 75 (near Albertville). The roadway is reduced to one lane. Night time construction work is in progress. Speed restrictions are in force. From 7:00PM CST to 7:00AM CST on weekdays. Until December 23, 2019 at about 7:00AM CST.
US 12: 217563-i
MN 197: 211555-i
MN 11: 211502-i
MN 11: 214553-i
US 10: 215514-i
MN 34: 217306-i
MN 9: 209558-i
MN 27: 217565-i
US 169: 212572-i
MN 24: 210511-i
US 10: 212561-i
MN 197: 210555-i
MN 105: 209564-i
MN 34: 218570-i
US 59: 214506-i
US 59: 214565-i
MN 113: 209557-i
I-94: 213567-i
MN 29: 216573-i
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