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Plow Cameras—Statewide
Map of Statewide Between US 59 (1 mile west of the Hoffman area) and County Highway 23 (near Hoffman). The road is closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles. Look out for a crash. A detour is in operation. Until today at about 11:00AM CST.
MN 5: 215580-i
MN 263: 211564-i
US 59: 212506-i
MN 11: 215563-i
MN 27: 217566-i
MN 34: 216576-i
MN 135: 213551-i
MN 56: 216583-i
MN 104: 210563-i
I-94: 214563-i
US 59: 209554-i
MN 1: 205562-i
MN 25: 204508-i
MN 32: 205567-i
MN 1: 215511-i
MN 9: 215571-i
MN 22: 210511-i
US 10: 212561-i
US 59: 207569-i
MN 108: 218568-i
MN 60: 220306-i
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Plow Camera Plow Camera