MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
Map of Duluth Between Mesaba Avenue and West 1st Street (Duluth). The right lane is closed. There is a width limit in effect. Speed restrictions are in force. Expect changing traffic patterns. Observe the signs. Width limit 11'0". Speed limit 25 MPH. Until October 15, 2018 at about 2:00PM CDT. Between US 2 and Exit 254: 27th Avenue West (near Duluth). The road is closed. The ramp is blocked. Follow the detour signs. A detour is in operation. Until August 31, 2018 at about 2:00PM CDT.
I-35: SB @ Leif Ericson Tunnel
US 2: WB at Bong Bridge
I-535: @ Blatnik Approach I
MN 210: Jay Cooke
I-535: @ Blatnik Approach
US 2: US 2 at Roundabout
I-35: SB @ Between Tunnels
I-35: NB @ Central Avenue
I-35: Thompson Hill
I-35: SB @ Can of Worms
I-535: I-535 SB @ Blatnik South Pier
I-535: I-535 SB @ Garfield Avenue
I-35: SB @ Lake Ave
I-35: SB @ MN 2
I-35: SB @ 14th Avenue W
I-535: I-535 NB @ Garfield Avenue
I-35: NB @ 40th Avenue W
I-35: NB @ 63rd Avenue W
MN 194: MN 194 WB @ 2nd Avenue W
I-35: NB @ Leif Ericson Tunnel
I-35: SB @ 22nd Avenue W
I-35: SB @ E of LE Tunnel
I-35: NB @ Cody Street
I-35: NB @ 22nd Avenue W
I-35: NB @ 9th Avenue W
I-35: NB @ Lake Pl - W Tunnel
US 2: US 2 at Bong Bridge
US 53: Anderson Road
I-35: NB @ 29th Avenue W
I-535: I-535 NB @ Blatnik Bridge
I-35: SB @ Allworth Bldg
I-35: NB @ Oredocks
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