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Cameras—Southwest MN
Map of Southwest MN Between County Road B1 and 600th Street (1 to 2 miles east of the Granite Falls area). The road is closed. The road surface has collapsed. A detour is in operation. Until October 31, 2022 at about 12:00PM CST.
MN 9: Murdock
I-90: Magnolia
US 14: U.S.14 W of 551st Ave
US 12: U.S.12 (Dassel/Cokato)
MN 60: Madelia
MN 19: Winthrop
US 14: Springfield
US 12: Holloway
MN 60: Mountain Lake
US 71: Jeffers
I-90: Beaver Creek
US 14: Florence
US 12: Atwater
US 14: T.H.14 WB @ T.H.169 NB
US 169: Mankato
US 169: T.H.169 NB @ Riverfront Dr
I-94: I-94 EB W of Co Rd 8 (MP 181)
MN 23: Hanley Falls
US 75: Trosky
US 14: T.H.14 EB W of T.H.169
MN 68: Taunton
US 212: Dawson
US 212: Hector
US 71: Morton
MN 7: Clara City
I-90: Rushmore
MN 68: Milroy
I-90: Lakefield
I-94: I-94 EB E of T.H.24 (MP 179)
US 14: T.H.14 WB E of T.H.169
US 14: U.S.14 @ C.S.A.H.37
MN 19: Hendricks
US 14: Lake Benton
MN 7: Silver Lake
MN 30: Dovray
I-94: I-94 EB E of T.H.24 (MP 180)
I-90: Blue Earth
US 212: Marietta
US 169: T.H.169 NB N of Belgrade Ave
I-90: Welcome
US 75: Canby
US 75: Ortonville
US 169: T.H.169 SB @ Co Rd 71
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