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Cameras on I-90
South Dakota to Blue Earth
I-90: Beaver Creek Beaver Creek
  in Beaver Creek
I-90: Rushmore Rushmore
  in Rushmore
I-90: Lakefield Lakefield
  near Lakefield
I-90: Blue Earth Blue Earth
  in Blue Earth
Albert Lea to Wisconsin
I-90: Dexter Dexter
  in Dexter
I-90: Eyota Eyota
  near Eyota
I-90: Ridgeway Ridgeway
  6 miles west of the Dakota area
I-90: U.S.61 NB N of I-90 U.S.61 NB N of I-90
  near La Crescent
I-90: U.S.61 SB @ I-90 U.S.61 SB @ I-90
  in La Crescent
I-90: I-90 WB @ U.S.61 I-90 WB @ U.S.61
  in La Crescent
Cameras on I-90
Map of RWIS Items on I-90
I-90: Beaver Creek
I-90: Rushmore
I-90: Lakefield
I-90: Blue Earth
I-90: Dexter
I-90: Eyota
I-90: Ridgeway
I-90: U.S.61 NB N of I-90
I-90: U.S.61 SB @ I-90
I-90: I-90 WB @ U.S.61
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