MN DOT 511 Traveler Information
Map of Duluth Between Mesaba Avenue and West 1st Street (Duluth). The right lane is closed. There is a width limit in effect. Speed restrictions are in force. Expect changing traffic patterns. Consider using an alternate route. Width limit 11'0". Speed limit 25 MPH. Until October 30, 2018 at about 2:00PM CDT.
I-35: SB @ MN 2
I-35: SB @ E of LE Tunnel
I-35: NB @ 63rd Avenue W
US 53: Anderson Road
I-35: NB @ 9th Avenue W
I-35: SB @ Can of Worms
US 2: @ Roundabout
I-535: I-535 NB @ Garfield Avenue
I-535: @ Blatnik Approach
I-35: Thompson Hill
I-35: NB @ Oredocks
I-35: SB @ Lake Ave
I-35: NB @ Leif Ericson Tunnel
I-35: NB @ 29th Avenue W
I-35: SB @ Between Tunnels
I-35: SB @ Allworth Bldg
MN 210: Jay Cooke
I-35: NB @ Cody Street
I-35: NB @ 22nd Avenue W
I-35: SB @ 14th Avenue W
I-35: NB @ Central Avenue
I-535: I-535 NB @ Blatnik Bridge
US 2: @Bong Bridge
I-35: SB @ 22nd Avenue W
I-35: NB @ Lake Pl - W Tunnel
I-535: I-535 SB @ Blatnik South Pier
US 2: WB at Bong Bridge
I-35: NB @ 40th Avenue W
MN 194: MN 194 WB @ 2nd Avenue W
I-535: @ Blatnik Approach I
I-535: I-535 SB @ Garfield Avenue
I-35: SB @ Leif Ericson Tunnel
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